What makes you think the way you do?  What causes you to see yourself on a small scale?  Why do you always see the genius in someone else, but not in yourself?  

From childhood, we are programmed to accept certain things, whether negative or positive.  We have learned to embrace a certain mindset and have adopted it as our own way of being. 

In this course, you will discover how to build your inner image, live your life on purpose and succeed.  We are going to get down to the root and pluck out all those things that have been hindering you.

Success is much more than money.  There is nothing wrong with having money.  Money answers all things, but you are a golden gem. These gems are all housed inside of you and you have not even realized what you have in your treasury.  You are worth so much more. 

There is greatness on the inside of you and no one can ever take that away.

About the instructor

Building Your Inner Image Life Coach

Gertrude J Chapman

Gertrude J Chapman supports clients who are searching to find their purpose and help them discover their hidden personal gems.She is an International Speaker, Author and Life Coach who trains individuals to overcome de-valuing themselves by giving strategic steps to help them reach their goals, find success and live powerfully. 

This course was designed to be fun, while at the same time you discover keys that lead to transforming your life.